Heather Weibel Tullio

I teach media production in the Mass Communication Department at Franklin Pierce College in Rindge, NH. In my free time, I enjoy creating films, videos, and animations -- with positive messages -- for children.

I am also an independent web designer and instructor. I have enjoyed creating websites since 1997 and have taught web design at Greenfield Community College and Umass, Amherst. I also create films, videos, and animations for children. Hope you enjoy seeing some of my, and my students' web work.

-- S A M P L E   W E B S I T E S --

Visit the links below to view several web sites designed and maintained by me, Heather Weibel Tullio:

  • The Mortgage Answer.net: Offers to help people receive low rates on home or business mortgages through a mortgage broker. Designed to make people feel welcome and at home.

  • The Baybery Restaurant, Ireland: A highly acclaimed gourmet restaurant located in West Cork, Ireland. Site designed to present the restaurant as classy, yet comfortable. And to tantalize tourists with tasty menus and stunning area photos.

  • Moving Project: This Flash-based piece has been constructed to invoke a range of moods commonly experienced when moving from one home to another: there are moments of frustration, tranquility, and amusement.

  • Reiki For All: Dedicated to the healing art of Reiki. Includes testimonials and Q&A about this Japanese stress reduction and relaxation technique for people & pets. Site designed to be welcoming, relaxing, and informative.

  • Dog Rescue Alert, Western Mass: A family-friendly site created to positively showcase dogs available for adoption from a community pound. Received over 15,000 hits in 2 years, and a Certificate of Appreciation from the TJ O'Connor Dog Pound.

-- D E S I G N S  &  A N I M A T I O N S --

View a gallery of images from my print, multimedia and 3D animation projects.

-- S T U D E N T   D E S I G N S   ( C D - R O M ) --

View a gallery of images from multimedia projects completed as assignments for my classes.

-- S T U D E N T   S I T E S --

Visit the links below to view several web sites designed and maintained by my undergraduate student interns at The Center for Research in Art & Technology, Umass, Amherst:

  • Icestorm International: A German film distribution company. The students designed this site for publicing and purchasing Icestorm's films worldwide. Includes a dynamically-displayed, searchable film database and a secure shopping cart. Site coded in HTML and Cold Fusion, and integrates an Access database.

  • The Center for Research in Art & Technology, Umass, Amherst: "The Center" creates innovative animations, motion graphics, digital/graphic designs, and websites for corporate, academic, and community clients -- in collaboration with faculty and students from diverse disciplines. Site designed to attract future clients, student interns, and collaborators. Students coded the site using HTML, Cold Fusion, Java Script, and Cascading Style Sheets.

I enjoy receiving comments on my work and my students' work, so feel free to email me with any comments or questions. I am also available for web design and consulting. I particularly enjoy working with non-profits and other community organizations. Thanks so much for visiting!