Artist's Statement

"Man is only truly alive when he realizes he is a creative artistic being… even the act of peeling a potato can be considered a work of art if it is a conscious act." - Joseph Beuys

In the websites that I create for organizations (The Baybery, Dog Rescue Alert), I strive for clarity of navigation, message, and purpose. In the websites I create for my artwork, including this site, I strive to present a different experience: I invite users to enter the piece to explore and play.

This piece has been constructed to invoke a range of moods common to moving: there are moments of frustration, tranquility, and amusement. While exploring, you are invited to ponder your relationship to your possessions, and your connection to or detachment from them.

Click, Drag, Play, Explore!

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Flash 4, a small, free plug-in, is required to view this project. If you do not have it of if the project doens't come up after a few minutes, you can click here for the Flash plug-in. This project has audio.

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